Benefits of Virtual Reality Gaming

This is the era of digital technology. The world has advanced over the years through different forms of technological advancement; has achieved unthinkable medical breakthroughs and in coherence with the world, the gaming industry has progressed greatly worldwide.

The emergence of video games had created a new height for the entertainment industry. Video gaming was never limited to any age group or just for any particular gender. People of all ages have always participated and took keen interest in this form of entertainment. Since the 1950’s, virtual reality has been used in comic book adaptations as well as virtual reality movie; and that is the root idea of virtual reality gaming. Now this has become a booming industry as it earns revenue in billions. Not only the games themselves but also the addition gaming gears required for the full 36 degree experience of gaming has a scope for a multi-billion business.

Virtual reality gaming is basically where the users can emerge themselves into the game more, by actually interacting with the gaming environment which is a three-dimensional environment. This is the core part of virtual reality gaming as it acts as a replacement of the real world; the imaginary or virtual world in front of the eyes seems more realistic. And it does so because the digital world keeps getting updated and changes images and views according to the user’s decision where they want to turn or what activity they want to carry out.

Virtual reality gaming is an integration of the virtual reality headsets, physical environment which can be multi projected and in which the user immerges themselves into the imaginary world. Other than the goggles, motion sensing trackers or controllers are very crucial, so the hands after all control all movements. The combination of sounds, realistic images, and different sensations and so on makes the experience almost real. The users can interact with virtual objects, as they look around with full 360 view but the proper and necessary virtual reality equipments are required. The required equipments are head-mounted goggles with a virtual reality screen in front of the eyes as they are part of the Virtual reality headset; the effect is often enhanced by large TV screens which can create physical space for better gaming experience. The experience is as if the user got transferred to the digital world.

Other than the head-mounted Virtual reality headset, virtual reality gaming can also use CAVE. It is when the user or the viewer’s vision is surrounded by world fixed displays and that becomes the virtual world around the user.

Virtual reality is often highlighted for the cons that come with it. Some examples can be physical imbalance or even detachment from the real world. Physical imbalance may include side effects in the bodies, muscle cramps, back pains, people with poor vision have to wear the headsets over their spectacles which can be very uncomfortable leading to nauseated feeling. And also detachment from real world is undeniable as it transports the user to another digital world.

However, the pros of virtual reality outweigh the cons greatly. Virtual reality is not only associated with gaming but it has great use in military training as for of simulations training and also has its benefit in medical purposes. Virtual reality has changed gaming in immeasurable ways; it has created immersion and interaction.

Previously in normal video games, it was just watching the games in the TV screens or Computer monitors and playing accordingly by closely monitoring. But Virtual reality provides a platform for the players to actually play it in the virtual environment. For example, playing conventional video games you see through computer monitors you are travelling to places but Virtual reality actually makes it possible for you to experience it may feel like and give you visual tantalizations to actually travel to that place and get a full thrill.

vr is everywhere

Also if you are playing horror games, in typical video games the best players can do is shoot the antagonistic characters using controllers while watching their avatars on screen. However the interaction part of a virtual reality game comes into play, now as the players are in the artificial environment they feel as though they are killing the characters in front of them not just their avatars through screen. They can actually interact with characters of the games.

Another benefit of Virtual reality gaming is that the games are dynamic. Through bio-sensing, the presence of the persons playing the games is detected. So through the motion sensing the movement of the gamers are detected and input into the computer as data; so the computer interpret these stimuli and responses as actions which are shown on the screen. So depending on these dynamic movements the games get updated every moment and carry forward the game accordingly based on the movements.

So the benefits outweigh the disadvantages caused due to virtual reality. The trend of VR gaming is trending now more than ever. It is hard for the thrilling experience not to excite any individuals.




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